Aquariums: Fish Land Aquarium Fish Shop

Here is the Fish Land Aquarium Fish Shop for the first time.

The aquarium fish shop is one of the oldest fish shop of the city running since three decades.

The fish shop deals in a wide variety of aquarium fish mainly freshwater fish.

Along with that the fish shop also keeps some varieties of exotic fish and also tropical fish.

We watch every fish tank to know about the aquarium fish varieties available at the fish shop.

We first get to watch a cichlid fish tank and the owner tells us about the various cichlid fish kept in the fish tank.

Most of the fish were sold out but still we got to watch some of the varieties.

We get to watch two amazing planted fish tank setups.

We get to watch some barb fish varieties and tetra fish varieties.

There were around four gold fish varieties available at the fish shop.

Address :- Shop No.7, Piccadilly Flats, Clare Road, Byculla, Mumbai.

Contact No :- 9820104771

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Contact Channel :- sjinceptions@gmail.com

The aquarium fish covered
Jewel cichlid fish
Nyasa cichlid fish
Blue cichlid fish
Banana cichlid fish
Convict cichlid fish
Tiger parrot fish
Koi fish
Shark fish
Albino shark fish
Rainbow shark fish
Tiger barb fish
Tinfoil barb fish
Rosy barb fish
Silver dollar fish
Widow tetra fish
Serpae tetra fish
Rosy tetra fish
Neon tetra fish
Pearl gourami fish
Albino angel fish
Marble angel fish
Common gold fish
Shubunkin gold fish
Blackmoor gold fish
Redcap gold fish